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Top Universities in UAE

Top universities in UAE

Purpose built university campuses, proven educational track records, phenomenal faculty and super successful alumni are few highlights of UAE universities. A country which is spending more than 25% of its federal budget on education the possibilities in educational sector are endless and when it comes to universities UAE is proud to be home to multiple distinguished and historical universities around the globe. UAE has recently become a stronghold of numerous reputable universities which are opening their campuses in the country offering same curriculum as of their original campus.

Generally universities in UAE are attracting students from all over the globe mainly because of their brilliant education, profound degree value and off-campus life. Yearlong sunlight and long sandy beach strips are few other attractions that compel students from Europe, America and Canada to come and study in Dubai. UAE is currently home to few of the leading fashion and computer science universities, degrees of which are equivalent to Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge. This is an outstanding opportunity for students as they don’t need to go far away from homes and instead could obtain same level of education in UAE, moreover Government is trying to rope in other big names as well, looking at the current situation it can easily be predicted that UAE will soon become a top priority of university going students.

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