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Top Ten Hospitals in Dubai

Top ten hospitals in Dubai

Dubai currently is home to more than fifty ultramodern hospitals out of which twenty are directly supervised by the Local Government, these medical complexes along with five hundred health care centers are providing compassionate care to their visitors in legendary luxury. These hospitals are built especially to cater the ever increasing needs of locals and foreigners in the city. Dubai also takes pride of its luxurious health facilities where patients are treated with care and compassion. Paramedical staff is properly trained and take extreme pleasure in serving humanity with their skill set.

Hospitals in Dubai are a notch higher than their counterparts as they provide medication in sheer luxury, a brand new concept that was actually coined in UAE. Dubai hospitals are known for their grandeur and lavish environment along with premium health facilities. With an annual impressive increase of 13% in number of physicians and qualified surgeons, Dubai truly has exceeded its grand reputation of being a futuristic city providing all life necessities at a macro level.Work is under progress for Dubai’s first luxury hospital which will be operational by the end of 2017.This luxury hospital will mark the dawn of new era of Dubai health sector, a 150 bed state of the art hospital providing all five star hotel amenities is something unheard of, but Dubai has a reputation of stunning the world every now and then with its outrageous plans and this health care facility is no exception to that.

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