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Top Ten Hospitals in Abu Dhabi

Top ten hospitals in Abu Dhabi

Health sector in Abu Dhabi has undergone serious transmogrification in the past few years and is on a continuous rampage of progression. With more than 5000 hospital beds and 2000 under progress, Abu Dhabi is on the verge of becoming a health pad in the region. People from all over the region are flocking Abu Dhabi for its futuristic hospitals which are fully and completely equipped with up to date telemedicine facility. Operating rooms are well-equipped and well trained staff is lifting the level of health centers in Abu Dhabi to unparalleled heights.

Abu Dhabi is currently undergoing a health revolution and aims to increase the number of hospital beds by more than 10,000till the end of 2020. Health care and medical centers are operating under strict compliance to international health standards and currently many leading European and American medical wings are opening their branches in UAE, providing the same level of health facilities as in their native countries. Single specialty hospitals are also increasing in number in UAE and people from all over the globe are considering it as a destination for complex surgeries, whether it be orthopedic or cosmetic, neurotic or chemotherapy, UAE hospitals have always surpassed the expectations of their visitors as they tend to provide impeccable health facilities in absolute grandeur.

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