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Jewelry and Gold Business in Dubai

Jewelry and Gold business in Dubai

Dubai undoubtedly is the only place on this planet where ATM’s dispense gold bricks, jewelry in Dubai sells like hot cakes as it is amongst the very few places where customers only pay for sheer gold and are not charged a single penny for labor. Souks are the traditional Arabic markets where gold is traded in Dubai and it is estimated that at some souks a whooping amount as mammoth as ten tones is present at any given time; a definitive figure that portrays the absolute magnitude and volume of gold industry in the city.

Dubai is home to leading jewelry bands and tourists along with locals tend to enjoy the never seen before galaxy of such lavish brands all under one roof. Whether it is a princess style cut engagement ring or a premium 24 carat gold brick, there is no better place than Dubai to get jewelry, highly skilled professionals pay undivided attention to ornaments and jewels before finalizing them for display. Dubai is often referred as the ‘City Of Gold’, the reason behind this immense gold popularity is that the gold sold here is duty free whichis no less than a blessing is for gold lovers.

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