AdEmirates Palace in Abu Dhabi

Top Ten Hotels in Abu Dhabi

Hotels in Abu Dhabi are built with the sole purpose of providing delight in absolute luxury to its residents and the occupancy rate of 80% is an indication that they have rightfully succeeded in capturing tourist attention. Wide car parking, warm water pools, mind easing Jacuzzi and Tension releasing spas are few highlights of Abu Dhabi hotels.

Top Ten Hotels in Dubai

Dubai has earned the unprecedented reputation of a de facto tourist paradise; behind this remarkable success is a thriving hotel industry which acts as a magnet for tourists from all over the globe. With more than 550 hotels and over 137,000 rooms, Dubai arguably is one of the top spots for globetrotters and visitors.

Top Ten Hotels in UAE

UAE is currently minting more than 8 billion US dollars only from its impeccable hotel industry and thus the industry is not only flourishing and thriving but is also playing a pivotal role in country’s economy. Hotels in UAE and especially those of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are a class apart; visitors are treated like royal pilgrims in a holy city

Top Commercial Towers in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has a long list of studded commercial towers, ones that are equipped with every modern necessity, office spaces and workstations are situated at the top floors providing a breathtaking view of the city,

Top Commercial Towers in Dubai

Dubai has recently witnessed an elephantine commercial boom in the country, courtesy to its gigantic commercial towers. These amazing structures are home to few of the biggest and historic brands, a long list of top labels is operating in Dubai commercial malls providing new businesses and brands with an amazing opportunity to work alongside the biggest names in the industry.

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